Get exceptional trading education, invaluable tools and accurate trade signals. The best education center in the industry, led by Yordan Kuzmanov and Morné Jabocs, will provide you with all the ingredients you need to become a successful Cryptocurrencies trader:

A solid knowledge of Cryptocurrencies trading, money management, reliable strategies, profitable signals and, the most important factor– mentoring.

We are proud to teach you everything we have learnt about trading from over 15 years of combined trading experience and to mentor you on our dedicated Telegram group. Crypto Trader Station team is committed to your Crypto trading success!


  • Signals by Mornalgo algorithm
  • Yordan’s short-term Crypto and CFD signals
  • Live Webinars
  • Crypto Hot List opportunities
  • Crypto Charts
  • Updates about your portfolio
  • Information about your Favorite Coins
  • Newsfeed
  • Finance Calendar
  • ICO Reviews

Taking Care Of All Of Your Crypto Trading Needs

Crypto is no longer the future of the financial markets- it is already the present. When major companies already issue their own crypto currencies and apply crypto technologies, you want to be apart of this.

But, how should you navigate successfully in this complex world of blockchains, ICOs, brokers and Crypto companies?

And, how are you supposed to tell the good potential crypto currencies from the scams?

The Crypto Trader Station will answer all of your needs, whether you already trade Crypto currencies on exchanges, if you hold them for the long run, or if you want to start but don’t know how to do it properly.


Are you overwhelmed by too much information about trading and cryptocurrency from different sources, that often contradicts itself? Would you like to start trading but don’t know how? Would you like to know how people have made fortunes from crypto trading?

Crypto Trader Station, CTS, offers the Crypto solutions that you’ve been waiting for! A one-stop, complete Cryptocurrencies education center and traders tools platform that offers invaluable knowledge, credible trade signals, usable data and systems that will help you make better trading decisions. CTS is ideal for beginners who know nothing about Cryptocurrencies trading, as well as for experienced traders who want to easily manage trading.

You will not see magical stories here or truck drivers turned traders in a day. It took years of hard work for Yordan Kuzmanov & Morné Jacobs to reach their current trading performance. Each of them specializes in a different niche of trading, which they pass on to Crypto Trader Station members.

In addition to comprehensive education and training, since they know that most people are not available for full time trading, they have put together a suite of products that will maximize your profitability, reduce your risk, expand your knowledge and make managing your crypto portfolio a breeze.

Become apart of the Crypto revolution and join the future of Crypto platforms today! Beginners and advanced traders are welcome!

Who is behind the crypto trader station

Yordan Kuzmanov

Yordan Kuzmanov has been trading since 2009 looking for an extra income while studying. He tried many different types of trading systems: "holy grails", expert advisors, etc without success. He then decided to approach it differently and looked for quality education. Soon enough he found Vladimir Ribakov’s Forex community and things started to fall in place. His trading improved significantly and eventually he started trading full time. He later joined his team as a chief trader.

Yordan firmly believes that consistency, right mindset, patience and goals are what makes a great trader. As his trading improved he started developing his own trading strategies and systems and that is where the idea of Crypto Trader Station came from.

Morné Jacobs

Morné Jacobs has been trading since 2011 and has faced his fair share of challenges and failures, but has learnt that by not giving up, by being persistent and with the right guidance you will achieve your goals.

He joined Traders Academy Club in 2017 and almost instantly found a friend in Yordan. Since then they've been working together on ideas to improve their trading and now want to share that knowledge with the world.

He is the creator of the Mornalgo and an early adopter of Crypto Currencies and everything blockchain. He has a passion for analyzing coins and finding unique algorithms and patterns to maximize profits. The only thing he likes more than Crypto, is teaching people about crypto.

Crypto Trader Station offers the perfect platform for this and gives him the ability to share his knowledge with the world. He believes in the future of blockchain and Crypto and wants to tokenize the world!


Based on our personal experience as Crypto traders and investors, as well as on the experience of hundreds of traders we’ve met over the years on trading groups, we have witnessed the lack or limitations of the following in the Cryptocurrency world:

  • Real, solid education and knowledge about money management plans and risk management.
  • Sites focusing on teaching you to become a better Crypto investor.
  • Quality service and trustworthy sources.
  • Systems and Unique Algorithms that actually work.
  • Accurate trade signals.
  • Proven performance.

We have decided that we need to overcome these hurdles and designed a one-stop solution that ticks all the boxes and puts everything together. While testing our mathematical algorithms we have realized that for most traders, seeing the whole picture is no less important than getting accurate signal alerts. This is why we have expanded the signals alerts and have added valuable features that will change the way you see Crypto Currencies. Profitable, consistent trading requires more than just signals alerts: you need to see the big picture.



Yordan is an experienced trader who uses Technical Analysis to analyze Cryptocurrency CFD’s and provide accurate short term buy and sell signals to CTS members.

He also analyzes coins and ICO’s to ensure that CTS members get the best of the best when it comes to cryptocurrency investments.


Morné has created the Mornalgo system, which he maintains and tests daily to ensure the results are viable and reliable.

Mornalgo delivers a high accuracy list of Cryptocurrencies that can deliver tens to hundreds % ROI for short- term trading up to thousands of % for long- term trading.

Morné also analyzes coins and ICO’s, reviews their white papers and provides signals to CTS members.

Results / Performance

We believe in complete transparency and would like to share our performance with you. The performance is measured from the day that the we've identified the coins as having potential or issued a signals. The complete list is available in the members area as it include information for open trades.


The most important part of Crypto Trader Station is the Dashboard.
Here is where all the magic happens. The Dashboard is designed to put the most valuable information right in front of you - Crypto Charts, Hot Lists, Favourite coins, Your Potfolio Performance, Alerts, News Feeds and Event Tracking. It will become the first page you visit before making any crypto decision - a partner in your Crypto road to success!


An efficient way to analyze and measure your portfolio performance. This section displays the profit/loss and performance of your coins over time. This feature is valuable because most crypto traders have investments on different exchange platforms which makes navigating and managing everything a nightmare. Here, you can see everything in one place and have an option to directly link your exchange account or your wallet.


Monitor the success of our algorithms and systems. The signals are displayed and their performance is measured from the day that the Mornalgo identified the coins as having potential or from the moment we issue a trade signal.


Full ICO review, analysis and tracking as well as direct access links to invest in ICOs should you want to add ICOs to your portfolio.


Special access to useful tools that will help you maximize your Cryptocurrencies experience and success: Profit Calculator, Volume tracker, All Time High Distance Calculator, 50% Median Indicator. Each of these tools could be priced for hundreds of dollars as a stand-alone product. The are complimentary for Crypto Trader Station members.


The Mornalgo algorithm analyzes the top 150 coins on the crypto market and gives you a Hot List of coins based on significantly more than just the traditional market cap and price. Our algorithms scan hundreds of crypto currencies throughout the day in real time, and based on purely mathematical and statistical tools - provide the most accurate predictions. This will ensure you won’t miss any hot opportunities and give you an option of making more profit in addition to your regular currencies. This list is extremely valuable because it is not available anywhere else and has a proven success record.


Crypto is just as much influenced by Social Events as Technical analysis and therefore we offer a social ranking system which will be driven by the members. Members will cast a vote which will be tallied and combined to give you a list based on market sentiment.


One of our members' favorite feature: get short-term signals on coins that are tradeable on platforms like Metatrader4, based on Technical analysis. This will allow you to trade Cryptocurrencies with a regulated broker by entities such as CySec or FCA.


One of the core ideas behind CTS is to teach and educate our members. We therefore offer a comprehensive knowledge base that will help the complete novice to the advanced trader. Everything from what is Crypto, How to buy, Where to buy, How to store your investment, How to to trade on an exchange, how to trade with a regulated broker, market volatility and much more.

A recap of what you are getting as Crypto Trader Station Member:

  • Accurate Signal alerts
  • Comprehensive Dashboard
  • Crypto Currency portfolio
  • Hot List
  • Crypto Signals for your CFD/ Forex platform
  • ICOs section
  • Unique trading tools and calculator
  • Comprehensive Education
  • Membership in our Telegram group
  • Direct communication with Yordan & Morné

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